Putting Extra Paychecks to Good Use

This month happens to be one where both my girlfriend and I receive three paychecks. We have tried really hard to make sure we budget each month using money from what we will earn with two paychecks each. This means this month we have a 50% increase in income. Now we could go out and spend it all on things that we want, I have been wanting a new laptop. Instead though, we decided to put a portion of it in savings and the rest towards paying down my student loan. There’s a lot we could have purchased with the $1,000 but it does feel great to see the amount owed drop by such a large amount in one month. My goal is to have this debt gone by February 2014 so it will take a bit more than just the regular monthly payments I have been making. There is one more time this year where we receive three checks and I hope to put even more towards my student loan.

If you’re paid every two weeks, do you put that extra check towards debt, savings goals, or extra fun money?


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