My Dog Saves Me Money

Cost of Owning a Dog

I’m sure most people understand that owning a pet can be expensive. Food adds up over time. Then there is the cost of a collar, leash, food bowl, water bowl, and toys. Those are the basics usually and some people can spend a lot more on additional items such as beds, blankets, clothes, carrier/crate, and all that extra stuff that the pet stores carry. On top of all that you have yearly vet visits at a minimum but now and then as they get older those could increase as well.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

Now my point here isn’t to list all of the cost that my dog has for me, but to let you know how owning a dog actually saves me money in the long run.

My dog, Foxy, is a Corgi and she certainly has a personality of her own. She provides me with entertainment and joy every day. Foxy really is a part of our family. The boys get excited to see her if they’ve been gone all day and she welcomes everyone who enters our home. At least after she does her ‘big ferocious bark’. Her entire body shakes and she brings a smile to your face. After all how can you not be happy when someone is so happy simply see you.

Improves Health

Help me stay connected with nature. We have a fenced in yard but on those days when I go to let her out and notice how nice it is I’ll grab her leash and go for a walk with her. It gets me outside and moving around more. Which in the long run is good for Foxy and myself. By taking her for walks I stay healthier and it isn’t as easy to make excuses not to go when you have a dog. This is also great on those days when the kids are bored and need to something to do. We can all get our shoes on and take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Best of all it’s completely free.


Foxy is our in home alarm system. Anytime there is a bump, knock, or thud, she makes a noise. Depending on how loud the noise is determines how loud she gets. Usually it is just a somewhat quite and muffled bark. If anyone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell she takes of towards the correct door each time. Everyone knows that Foxy is home before they enter the house. It’s comforting to know that if someone would try to walk in they could be deterred from entering because of her.


When the boys go outside to play they usually go in the front yard with the dog. This great because not only does this help get her exercise in but she protects them from strangers. Foxy knows the neighbors directly around our house so she won’t bark at them but when someone different comes by she barks a bit and I can look outside to make sure everything is okay. I check up on them now and then anyway but if someone tries to come into the yard she will continuously bark until I tell her everything is alright. It’s very comforting to know there is an extra set of eyes looking out for their safety.


She provides entertainment when she gets in her playful moods. This makes the boys extremely happy and excited that their dog wants to play with them. Just the fact that she makes them so happy should be more than enough benefit for any costs there are for having her in our home.

All of these things come as additional benefits of owning a dog. Yes we have to purchase food and take her to the vet once a year but in my opinion the benefits outweigh the cost.

She doesn’t ask for much in return. She is forever forgiving. She is protective of her family. Most importantly she is my smile maker.



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