Become a Local Tourist

It surprises me how often I hear people say that there is never anything to do locally and that they have to travel in order to find entertainment. When I hear people saying something like that I tell them about all of the things I have done in town and how many of them didn’t cost me anything.

Find Your Local Tourism Website

Just because these sites might be geared toward people traveling to your state, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the information it contains. A few years ago I was planing a trip closer to home and used the  South Dakota travel site. Not only did it give me a list of things to do but it often included links to each places individual webpage. I was able to find free museum days, free sculpture parks, discount days, and coupons for places I wanted to go see. Not everything was free but the handful of activities we did find definitely allowed us to do a few of the more expensive tours.

This gave me the idea to use it on my city to determine what there might be to do the next time I get bored. Not only did I find out about some free days for a museum but I found one I never knew we had. On top of that the museum was free year round. That next weekend I took the boys and they enjoyed it more than I could have ever expected.

Ask the “Locals” What There is to See

Now there is a possibility you live in a town small enough were everyone knows you, in that case this probably won’t work, but for the rest of you there is nothing wrong with asking others what they would tell a visitor to go see. Go into a store and as the cashier rings you up ask “if you were to tell someone visiting (insert city name here) what they had to go see, what would you tell them?”. Ask your waiter or waitress, ask someone in the gas station, heck ask your neighbor.

Drive to a Neighboring Town

It takes me 15-20 minutes each day to get to work, yet when I’m thinking of things to go do it doesn’t always occur to me to look outside my city. It not to hard to get on the interstate, drive for 15 minutes, and find myself in a different town. The more places you look for activities to do the more options you will have. There are quite a few towns within a 20 minute drive and each of them tends to have local festivals every year. There is usually free music and entertainment. Just be sure to eat before going, bring your own beverage, and if you know you’ll still be tempted, leave the money at home.

Find Your Community Calendar

This has been my best source for free events around town.  Concerts in the park, Cinco de Mayo festival, 4th of July festival, Oktoberfest, St Patty’s day events, Halloween activities, movie nights, basketball camps, and much more. All of these things included kids activities and a few we could even bring the dog, which the kids always think is “so cool”.

These all might be things that tourist might do when visiting. Take advantage of the local activities available so that you’re not missing out on why others think where you live is great place to visit.



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