Solve a Rubik Cube

I’ve never been able to solve a Rubik’s cube in my life. Actually, I don’t believe I ever owned one, but I do remember a neighbor kid owning one growing up. I vaguely remember trying to figure it out before my friend got frustrated and moved all of the stickers around.

A few weeks ago I watched a video of a guy who could juggle a cube with two other items and solve it at the same time. Now he either has too much time on his hands or he decided to spend his time on developing a low-cost skill. Somehow I’m going to have to lean closer to him having too much free time.

Today I was at the store picking up some items for the boys’ Easter basket and there it was. A Rubik’s cube, the thing that I never got the chance to defeat when I was a kid. I couldn’t resist, it was taunting me. I needed to know that I could master this completely worthless skill. Perhaps it wouldn’t be completely worthless but I haven’t determined a practical use for it yet. I splurged and spent an entire dollar.

When I got home I began to work on figuring out the solution. Well, I at least I began to after I hid the gifts and put the groceries away. After a few hours I was getting pretty close to having it done when it happened. I was turning the bottom row and pop, half the pieces fell off the cube and on the floor.

I have to say I was a slightly bummed. After all I might have actually solved it with a little more time. On the positive side it did only cost me a dollar and it kept me somewhat entertained for at least two hours. I suppose that’s what I get for only spending a dollar on it. I don’t plan to go out and purchase another one but I can’t promise if I see a higher quality one at a garage sale I wouldn’t pick it up. That is if it only cost me one more dollar.

If you happen to have one lying around I would encourage you to give it a try at some point. If you do happen to solve it congratulations. You can even continue to challenge yourself more by timing yourself to determine if you can beat your previous time. However, if you decide to search online for hints I’m going to have to say your cheating. My goal was to solve it on my own, after all it’s not as much of an accomplishment if you have someone else do all the hard thinking for you.

Let me know how successful you are at mastering this new skill. Good luck!



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