Utilizing the Library

While I understand there may be a few smaller towns that do not have as extensive of a library as I have access to, many people do have libraries with most if not more of the items listed here.


Okay, so it isn’t a surprise that the library has books. However, I think a lot of people don’t take advantage of the number of books available. There truly is something for everyone. There is so much variety that even if I get tired of reading a style of book I simply change it up a bit, switching between fiction to non-fiction.

Audio Books

If you’re not much for taking time to read an actual book, try an audio version. You can either pick up one on CDs or you can download it from the library’s website. I like to listen to non-fiction on shorter car rides to and from work; for longer rides I will pick out a fiction novel. If working on a task that is repetitive I’ll turn one on to listen at the same time. It’s amazing how much you can retain while working on another task and listening to a book.


There are many movies that I have always wanted to see but haven’t had a chance to watch. The library has a wide variety available and I can even go online and reserve the one I want next. All I have to do is wait for the auto email and pick it up within a few day of becoming available.


I don’t pick these up but I can see how some people may with to take advantage of this feature. If someone didn’t have internet access available they could pick up some CDs to check out a new artist or grab a handful to take with on a trip.

Internet Access

This could be extremely useful for those who don’t have a computer and/or internet access at home. With so much of us using the internet on a daily basis we can take having it available for granted. Even with a computer at home and internet at your fingertips, things happen and it might be that on the one day where you absolutely have to get online that your computer stops working. In that case a quick trip to your local library branch can help you complete your task. You could even take a few minutes to find a computer repair shop.

PC Games

One of the things that I never thought much about was picking up some computer games for the kids. One day while searching for books I walked past the shelf that had computer games you could check out and use on your PC at home. Not only did this give me a chance to see if the kids enjoyed them without having to purchase them, but there was a good selection of games they could play that involved learning to read or improving math skills.

Kids Activities

Another thing the kids love to do it look to see when there will be a craft and activity day scheduled. The first thing they do, when we enter the library, is look at the bulletin board to see if there is anything scheduled for them to do either that day or on a future date. Some of their favorites included Clifford the Big Red Dog’s birthday and Wii bowling.

Adult Classes

I think these are awesome. There is a variety of options available and like everything else listed they are absolutely free. Some of the classes include finance, first time home buyers, quilting, resume writing, knitting, and gardening. These usually fill up quickly but there are multiples throughout the month so with some planning you can fill up some of your free nights.

Book Club

After reading a book it can be fun to discuss what you read with others. A cool thing about a book club is the difference that two people can get from reading the same book. I belong to one and I know there is often parts of the book that I forget about until the discussion and those discussions can be fun to hear others interpretation of the story.

With so many things for us to do at our library we visit it at least 3 times a month. Not only do I get to pick out books for myself but the boys do too and they often ask to go before I even mention it. Not only is it great because its free but they also get to learn that we don’t have to always buy something for only us. With the library sharing its books with many people we now get to choose multiple books to read each week instead of just one or two now and then, if we had to purchase them.




  1. Oh you are so right! I love the library. Although I live frugally, I never feel deprived of books because I go get something new all the time. Cookbooks, sewing books, novels, garden books, audiobooks, movies – I get thousands of dollars a year of use from my library. Now they have kindle books – if only I had a kindle LOL.

    1. I received an ereader a few years ago for Christmas and I hadn’t used it a ton until we started a book club at work last October. I finally took the time to figure out how to get some of the library’s ebooks online and now I use it all the time. It’s been nice because if I don’t have time before the library closes to pick up some books, I can still get them after hours and start reading a new book.

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