Unexpected Hospital Visit

On April 1st of each year my health insurance renews. My plan consists of money in an account that if not used will roll over to the next year and I can add extra each year if I desire. There is also a yearly maximum that is our responsibility. Last year my girlfriend had several visits to a specialist and ended up having surgery. We reached our yearly maximum during the fall and although expensive it was nice to know that if anything else happened it was completely covered.

While we had paid for all of our medical expenses at the time it has taken us several months to rebuild our emergency fund. We are just under $5,000 in our emergency fund and I have been feeling pretty good about the fact that we have been able to get it reestablished. That was until we got to April 1st.

Receiving a Call from the ER

It wasn’t because the new plan year had started. In fact I really didn’t think of it when I received a call from the hospital that I needed to come to the emergency room.

The nurse was calm and told me that my girlfriend was conscious, talking, and had asked the nurse to call me. When I asked what had happened she said she couldn’t tell me on the phone and just wanted to know if I was going to come. Even though I was nervous and hurried to get there I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to walk into.

Understanding the Seriousness of the Situation

When I arrived I let the nurse at the front know about the phone call and who I was there to see. She asked me to sign in, put on a visitor tag, and had another employee take me back to cardiac. All that went through my mind was “why is she in cardiac, she’s not old enough for this to happen”. As we walked back to her room it was like walking with chains on my feet as I didn’t want to see anything wrong with her; yet, at the same time I wanted him to walk faster so I could be with her.

As I entered the room, to what seemed unreal to me, I began to have feel scared, angry, sad, frustrated, and happy. I was happy because she was awake. I was scared because she didn’t understand where she was or what they were doing. I was angry because they didn’t know what was wrong. I was frustrated because I couldn’t help her. I was sad because I might lose her.

She was anxious and her heart was racing. They gave her medicine to get her to calm down but she still kept asking where she was, why she was there, and what they were doing to her. I sat there for hours trying to calm her as they tried to determine what was wrong.

Thankful for the Outcome

It was eventually determined that she had a reaction to the combination of pain medicine and antibiotics she had started earlier that day. We were able to get home late that night and sleep in our own bed.

Even though it all happened one day into the new plan year and we will have to pay for it ourselves, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she is okay and at home with me and the kids. After all that is one of the reasons for having an emergency fund in the first place.

I don’t think I have ever been so worried in my life and I would pay any amount to make sure she is safe. Everything turned out fine and she is doing good. It is certainly an experience that makes me appreciate what I have already and more importantly who I have in my life.




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