Reevaluate Current Bills

When I first stated looking for ways to reduce my current expenses I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get where I wanted by simply cutting back on discretionary spending. I began looking at my checking account and each bill that I received.

Cell Phone

I knew I already had a cell phone plan with minimum extras and a low number of minutes so I was confident from what I could see online that they didn’t have a lower plan option but I figured the worse that could happen if I called was they told me what I already knew. When I called I simply told them I was looking for ways to reduce my cell phone plan and was wondering if there was anything they could do. The customer service representative told me I had the cheapest plan already but they would give me a one time $40 credit on my bill to help me out. Money is money so I was more than willing to take the $40. Before renewing my contract I plan on calling them again to see if there is anyway they can lower my bill. Even if I only get another credit it would be worth the 10-15 minute phone call it takes.


This is one I didn’t ever think much about at first. Really how much different could they possibly charge to pick up the same about of trash from one house. I quickly learned it can vary quite a bit. I was roughly paying $40 a month to have the trash picked up. One evening I took an hour to look up the rates of other companies to see if I could lower it a couple of dollars. Imaging my surprise when I found out there was someone who would do it for half the price. Not only is it $20 cheaper but I now earn recycling reward points each month that I can redeem for gift cards. Talk about something being worth an hour investment of time. I would strongly encourage you to compare your garbage cost if you live in a city where you have to pay to have it picked up.


This is one where I wish there were more options available to me. I do keep a watch out for any new companies offering service locally but they are all very comparable in price so for me I haven’t been able to save much on this expense. Right now the two main competitors in my area are within a few dollars of each other so it isn’t worth switching when I factor in the cost of the initial hookup. Maybe I’ll just have to call and ask if they have any deals for me to cut my monthly bill again.


This is a no brainer for me. I don’t have cable and don’t plan on it so I spend a great big zero each month here. However, if you are one of the many that can’t live without, it is certainly worth comparing prices here. You’ll want to compare local reviews on service as I have heard horror stories about a wide range of companies.

Auto Insurance

The last time I receive my renewal notice for my auto insurance I reviewed it closely and decided to remove the roadside assistance I had been paying to have included. While it’s great to know that if your is car towed you won’t have to come up with the money it also didn’t work out mathematically for me. I was paying close to $9 extra a month to have this added on all my vehicles and that adds up to $108 a year. Even with older vehicles I have only had my car towed twice in the last five years. Each time it cost me around $65. Even if I end up having to pay for it out-of-pocket once a year, I am better off doing simply doing that.

While none of these have saved me tons of money each month, they do add up quickly and put together I have been able to reduce my monthly expense continually by $29. Not to bad for ongoing savings and only a few hours of my time.




  1. Internet is tough. The only reason I have cable is because it actually makes my Internet cheaper. You could try bundling it with something else. You list some great ideas. I compare prices for car insurance annually because rates are always changing! And our needs change as life goes on…at one point I needed unlimited text messages. Now that myself and most of my friends have iPhones with the free iMessage feature, I’ve found that I no longer need to pay for unlimited texts!

  2. Hi Jennifer! It really is amazing how much you can save if you scrutinize all areas of spending. I was able to reduce my cell phone bill by $30/month, which is huge! I now need to start comparing auto insurance rates. I’ve been avoiding it because it seems like such a hassle, but your post has inspired me to get it done. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Carly, thanks for commenting. Insurance can take a bit longer to determine the best place to go with but it can certainly be worth it. A few hours of your time though could save you hundreds over a 12 month period though. Gook luck!

  3. So glad to have come across your blog! I think that “Money Aches” is something that most of us are dealing with these days, and even though they aren’t fun…we have to find ways to accommodate. I am all in with you on these. I think I might call my cell phone company today! 😉 Thanks for the tips!

    1. Do it Hillary! The worse that happens is you take 5-10 minutes and they tell you they can’t lower it. I’d love to hear if you are able to save some money today.

  4. I need to do this too! The $29 you are saving each month will add up. I have been meaning to call my cable company to see how I can lower my bill. I have the cable, phone and internet bundled so I am not sure what they can do. If it wasn’t for my husband I wouldn’t have cable! 🙂 These are really good tips! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yep, every little bit will help. If you’ve had your bundle for a while I’d say go ahead and give them a call, let them know you’re looking to reduce your monthly bill, and ask if they have any specials running or any cheaper plans. If you have any success I’d love to hear.

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