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Utilizing the Library

While I understand there may be a few smaller towns that do not have as extensive of a library as I have access to, many people do have libraries with most if not more of the items listed here. Books Okay, so it isn’t a surprise that the library has books. However, I think a […]

Solve a Rubik Cube

I’ve never been able to solve a Rubik’s cube in my life. Actually, I don’t believe I ever owned one, but I do remember a neighbor kid owning one growing up. I vaguely remember trying to figure it out before my friend got frustrated and moved all of the stickers around. A few weeks ago […]

Become a Local Tourist

It surprises me how often I hear people say that there is never anything to do locally and that they have to travel in order to find entertainment. When I hear people saying something like that I tell them about all of the things I have done in town and how many of them didn’t […]