Category Saving Money

Reevaluate Current Bills

When I first stated looking for ways to reduce my current expenses I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get where I wanted by simply cutting back on discretionary spending. I began looking at my checking account and each bill that I received. Cell Phone I knew I already had a cell phone […]

Utilizing the Library

While I understand there may be a few smaller towns that do not have as extensive of a library as I have access to, many people do have libraries with most if not more of the items listed here. Books Okay, so it isn’t a surprise that the library has books. However, I think a […]

Become a Local Tourist

It surprises me how often I hear people say that there is never anything to do locally and that they have to travel in order to find entertainment. When I hear people saying something like that I tell them about all of the things I have done in town and how many of them didn’t […]

Living Without Cable/Satellite TV

I know, I know, it is almost unthinkable. What in the world would we possibly do with all of our time if we didn’t spend it watching TV. In all seriousness, I do believe it was a great decision to not hook up cable or satellite when I purchased my home 8 years ago. At […]

Fixing the Dryer

Not that long ago the dryer stopped drying and the first thing that went through my mind was “oh great one more thing to pay for”. Before I called someone to have it repaired I made a the decision to try to determine if I could figure out how to fix it myself. After researching […]

Eating At Home

I would say one of the easiest, and hardest, ways for me to reduce extra spending has been to cut back on the amount of times I go out to eat. I really do enjoy cooking but I also enjoy going out to eat. After all if I go out to eat I don’t have […]