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Moved to

It’s taken me a bit to get it all figured out but I was able to launch my own site finally. For future posts please visit my site I’m still working on getting everything the way I would like as this is a new adventure for me. I hope to see you all there! […]

My Dog Saves Me Money

Cost of Owning a Dog I’m sure most people understand that owning a pet can be expensive. Food adds up over time. Then there is the cost of a collar, leash, food bowl, water bowl, and toys. Those are the basics usually and some people can spend a lot more on additional items such as […]

Getting Started

I’ve finally got around to setting up my blog. I’m hoping this will hold me a bit more accountable when setting goals. If it’s true that writing goals down helps keep you more accountable it has to work even better when I write them down for all of you to see. I mainly want to […]